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Here is what you can get access once you have register to a developer account

Distribute your add-ons on Marketplace

The Marketplace is where we showcase the add-ons that work well with our family of products. It's also where our customers discover and install add-ons (extensions, packages, themes and translations) into their project. As a developer, you will be able to submit your own add-ons to be shared on the Marketplace with all the community of HarmonyCMS.

Access to the Harmony's Developer resources

Whether you’re an experienced developer or creating your first add-on, we provide some resources for you to get started, such as Rest API, SDK, sample codes and more.

Access to Harmony's Developer guides

You will find a range of guide and documentation that teaches you how to build add-ons (extension, theme and translation) using our SDKs. You will also find documentation on how to distribute your add-ons on the Marketplace.

Start building your add-on today!

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